2 November 2023: ESG Awareness Seminar

2 November 2023, Kuala Lumpur: The Malaysian Wood Moulding & Joinery Council (MWMJC) organised a ESG Seminar themed "What Impacts Will ESG Bring to Your Business" with FEMACCA and MIDF to MWMJC members at Menara PGRM today.

Topics shared included:
1) Find Out How ESG Creates Value for Your Business By:
- Reducing long-term risk.
- Improving operational efficiency.
- Strengthening stakeholder engagement.
- Creating new opportunities.
2) Get the latest updates on financing plans and services from MIDF

The seminar came to a close with a networking lunch. MWMJC thanks all participants for their time and valuable views.

We are appreciated your support to attend our seminar today. Have a nice day๏ผ

02 Nov 2023