17 July 2023: MoU Signing Between MWMJC and TAR UMT

17 July 2023, Kuala Lumpur: MWMJC signed an MoU earlier today with the Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology at their main campus in Setapak. The momentous occasion marks the start of a win-win collaboration in the field of Sustainable and Built Environment, with the following objectives:

● To identify relevant R&D opportunities for academia and industry;
● To develop a young talent recruitment pipeline for the timber industry; and
● To share academic knowledge and best industry practices among students, faculty staff and industry via workshops, seminars, training programmes, conferences, etc.

In his opening speech, George Yap, Chairman of MWMJC said that “high value creation” is the current buzzword for the timber industry, which is undergoing challenges of declining raw material supply. In this space, R&D in IR 4.0 technologies and product innovation play an important role to fill the gaps in limited raw material supply. Furthermore, the industry not only has to learn about significant new developments such as green building requirements, ESG compliance, carbon credit, net zero and circular economy, but also needs to execute them. Hence, developing talent with relevant new skillsets is a priority for the advancement of the industry.

MWMJC looks forward to exploring collaborative opportunities with TAR UMT in these areas while promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability as the common goal of both organisations.

Some 40 participants comprising directors, youth members and guests of MWMJC as well as TAR UMT faculty members were present to celebrate the signing of the MoU by MWMJC Chairman George Yap and TAR UMT President Prof. Ir. Dr Lee Sze Wei, witnessed by MWMJC Director and Head of Youth Danny Yap and Dean of TAR UMT Faculty of Built Environment Ir. Han Seng Kong.

18 Jul 2023