5 May 2023: MWMJC Meeting with MPA

5 May 2023: MWMJC Meeting with MPA

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5 May 2023, Kuala Lumpur: MWMJC hosted a lunch meeting for the Malaysian Pallet Association (MPA) Exco to discuss collaboration opportunities between the two associations. MPA’s 13-strong delegation was led by their President Richard Tan and Vice President Saw Eng Thai, while MWMJC was represented by our Chairman, Vice Chairman and directors SK Tham, Nelson Ng and Danny Yap. 

The meeting opened with an introduction to the 11-year old association by founding member Dato’ Andrew Goh. Then came insights on the Malaysian pallet industry from the MPA President, who estimated the pallet export market to exceed RM1 bil. Both associations lamented the lack of comprehensive market statistics, and touched on a concerted effort by industry to demand such information from government agencies. MWMJC Chairman updated our guests on our current ITP and ESG projects. The MPA President, impressed by our association’s forward-looking initiatives and dynamism,  said MPA is “looking forward to learning from MWMJC”. 

With over 90% of MPA’s Exco being existing MWMJC members, we are in a good position to represent MPA issues to MTC. To strengthen the relationship between both associations, MWMJC and MPA have agreed to sign an MOU - which is currently being drafted by MPA - for future collaborations. All in all, it was a successful meeting where both associations were able to voice industry issues, find common ground and identify mutually beneficial areas to work on.

10 May 2023